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MrReves Knowledge Builder

Build, Explore, Optimize

From knowledge to solutions


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MrReves uses your knowledge to solve your engineering challenges. 

Why choose MrReves?

From knowledge to solutions


Multiple solutions are found by MrReves. Parameters can be set to find specific solutions. Different settings for parameters lead to different results.

Design space exploration

Get better results, faster

MrReves allows you to define your engineering problem and will determine how to solve it. Almost all real-life problems have unknown factors resulting in multiple solutions. So to get results, just tell MrReves what you know of your problem and it will show the possible solutions.


The problem is described by knowledge rules and parameters. MrReves solves the knowledge rules and finds results.

Knowledge Management

Focus on your knowledge,
let MrReves solve it

An engineering model is often a mix of knowledge rules and the solving strategy. In MrReves, you just write down your knowledge rules and MrReves will handle the rest. Explicitly separating knowledge and solving strategy makes it easier to change or add knowledge.


Interactive solution explorer is used to visualize the results. A selection can be made (orange points) and that selection is also applied to other viewers. 

Design space visualization

Explore multiple solutions

Getting the best result for an engineering problem means trying a lot of parameter combinations. Doing this manually (as many engineers do) is time consuming and will often lead to sub-optimal solutions. MrReves automates the process of design space exploration and shows the results in interactive graphs. These graphs provide insight in the parameter interactions and lead to better results.


Parameters are not restricted to be input or output. With one tool multiple scenarios can be solved. Two scenarios are shown in the figures, input and output.

Flexible input

One model, many scenarios

MrReves does not restrict parameters as either input or output, because that depends on the scenario. Sometimes the mass is known and the length is unknown, sometimes it is the other way around. In MrReves, one model can handle both cases.

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Parametric models of easy to understand problems



Choosing a bearing from a table provides no overview. The effect of choosing another bearing is vague. MrReves can easily visualize the design space for your problem. You will end up with a better choice.



Stairs have to comply with the NEN-EN-ISO 14122-3 norm. You can choose to design a stair and check it with the NORM. But, you can also write the norm as a MrReves knowledge model. That way you can just enter your scenario and explore the valid design space!


Compression Springs

Compression springs are not complex, but designing the best compression spring for your application is. It has to fit the available space and should provide the correct amount of force. Input the space limitations and the required force in MrReves and explore the options. Designing a compression spring has never been easier or faster.

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What can it do exactly?


  • Online toolbox
    • Pre-defined tools available
    • Secure sharing of your models
    • Optional online storage
  • Knowledge editor
    • Auto-complete editor
    • Math expressions
    • If-Then-Else statements
    • For-loops
    • Integrals
  • Versioning of models
  • User defined GUI
    • No programming required
    • Drag’n drop parameters on input and result pages
    • Add images
  • Visualization
    • Interactive and Multiple solution explorers
    • Interval indication
  • Project
    • Save results
    • Save specific views
    • Export data to CSV
  • Parameter input
    • No input
    • Value input
    • Range input
    • Set input
  • Parameter types
    • Double/real
    • Integer
    • Constants
    • Table parameters
  • Tables
    • Import CSV or Excel
    • Couple to parameters
  • DoE interpolation
    • Use a full factorial DoE table as a knowledge rule
    • Directly interpolate from the data table